“Recently, I saw a friend of mine on a news report who was working in the French refugee camps. So I messaged him and offered any help I could give. He explained that they were about to get 8, 40 foot long shipping containers. They were then going to convert these, with the help of a ton of volunteers, using donated money.. into 4 large community kitchens and dining areas for the refugees to cook for themselves in. This involved a lot of work and visually they were still going to look a bit bleak. So our pal Steve Bedlam asked if we could come and brighten them up a bit. I immediately called upon a few artists friends and rallied a team together. Then spoke to a few paint people, who kindly donated us a ton of paint. (Big shout to the FRP project for all the emulsion. Chrome and Black London for all the spray, hats and stickers for the kids and finally Real Art of Street Art for even more sprays) I collected all the bits and off we went in some random guys van. Upon landing at the huge donations warehouse in Calais we were then ferried to the Dunkirque camp. A slightly newer and better camp than the ‘Calais Jungle’. The jungle is being cleared out and is practically a demolition site from what we could gather. Although there is still people there, efforts are being made to move them into better camps with more adequate facilities such as the Dunkirque camp. We set up inside one of the containers, which doubled as our bedroom for most part of the trip and got straight to painting. With the help of some of the kids we set about trying to get paint onto all sides of the 8 containers. With a few other bits and bobs, such as vehicles and lots of kids bikes getting painted along the way. A lot of the younger guys were keen to talk to us and find out more about what we were doing and in turn help us. Big shouts to Wajeed, Dari (sorry if I spelt that wrong guys) and all the other guys who kindly made us tea in their sheds. It is a strange and emotional place with a tear to be jerked at any given corner, so that tea helped. But we also had fun and hope that we made a few of these people smile and generally added a bit of much needed colour to the place. Huge thanks and respect out to Steve and all his team, the work you are doing is nothing short of heroic. If you viewers out there want to help, please look at @RefugeeCKitchen on Twitter. And/or E: RefugeeCommunityKitchen@gmail.com

Thanks again to everyone who made this happen on a zero budget out of the goodness of their hearts and much love to all the refugees, they are good, kind people just like any other. I hope this short film will show you that. Thanks for watching.” – Seeds One 20/03/16




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